This Old Fur

This Old Fur, a small corner of Hinsdale Furriers, was born in the fall of 2002 and has continued to grow over the years.

For years, customers have asked if we buy used furs. We do take them as a trade in toward the purchase of a new fur but do not buy them outright, but I always refer the customers to resale shops in the area. One of these shops was My Favorite Things, which happened to be owned by my dearest friend. Tragically, she and her family were killed by a drunk driver on July 4th 1997. The store was sold and moved out of Hinsdale the beginning of 2002. As a result, we decided to take a small corner of our showroom ,and use our website, to sell gently used furs on consignment.

Since fur is a seasonal item, This Old Fur is open only September through March, and we begin accepting furs on consignment the end of August. Each year sales have increased along with the distance our customers are coming from. We have sold and shipped coats to people as far away as California and have taken garments on consignment from all over the United States.

It is very heart warming to be able to sell furs at affordable prices, since many of the purchasers shared that they would never be able to own a fur if they had to buy it new. This aspect of our business has taken recycling to new ends.

Just as customers had asked about selling their used fur coats, we also get many inquiries about selling formal wear and bridal wear. Without the My Favorite Things consignment shop in Hinsdale anymore, it has lead us to a new endeavor. This November we will be opening an upscale consignment shop,  Formally Hers, above Hinsdale Furriers.  Formally Hers will carry upscale evening and bridal wear.


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