Hello, my name is Susie Duboe Bryant and I am the third generation of my family, to own Hinsdale Furriers. Hinsdale Furriers is truly a family owned and operated business that has been located in Hinsdale, IL since 1952.

In 1927, my grandfather began a furrier business in the State & Lake Building in Chicago. My father brought the business to Hinsdale in 1952 and I began managing the store in September of 1978 after my father suffered a heart attack.  At this point, I had only been working in the store full-time for 2 months, but I  grew up in the business and knew how to do everything from cleaning to remodeling furs. My father never fully recovered from the heart attack and in 1982 he passed away.

Now, being 3rd generation owner, many customers have become friends. This is probably because of Hinsdale Furriers’ policy: “Treat the Customer Better than You Want to Be Treated.” Currently, the family aspect of the business is proven through all the nepotism.  My niece, Melissa, has been working at the store since 1996 and is now the manager.  My husband, Ray, handles the pick up and deliveries.  Our daughter, Sue, is in charge of the advertising and website and also pitches in at the store.  Other family members including my mother, brother, sister, and stepfather work in the store on occasion helping to provide the excellent customer service that Hinsdale Furriers is known for.  When family cannot fill the bill, friends do. Some of the non family member employees have been with us since 1985.

We are proud to be one of the few traditional furriers left in the Chicagoland area that offers on site cleaning, storage repairs and redesign.  I invite you to stop by, say hello, ask a question , place a comment  and become part of the extended family.


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