I Need “A Round Toit”

It is amazing how many times I have said I will get around to it. I remember as a child my mother had a wooden nickel that actually said “A Round Toit” on the face. Boy, do I wish I had one of those now. It has been months since I got around to writing my blog. The only excuse I have is life got in my way……my daughter had a bilateral mastectomy (I will blog about that one of these days or should I say when I get a round to it!) After my daughter was feeling better-other family members were ill and needed my assistance so that took away the time I would spend blogging. Life seems to be getting back on track. So I will try to blog a couple of times a month. To those of you who actually emailed, asking where I have been, Thank you! I am back and in the next week or 2, I will sit down and compile some of the silly things my daughter thought of while she was preparing for and recovering from this major surgery, I may even write about our puppy Scally and her brother Charlie and then a little something about family business, furs and consignment shops.

Until I write again: Happy Spring



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