Fur Appraisals – What type do I need?

I was procrastinating once again about what to put into my blog and an email gave me the inspiration I needed. Our correspondence went like this:

Dear Furrier:

I found you on the web and was wondering if you could appraise my fur?

Thank you Lala

Lala We need to see a fur to appraise it. If you let me know the big towns you are near I can research furriers in your area who could possibly do this for you.

Hinsdale Furriers

Hi Susie,

I live in Frederick, Maryland. The closest large cities would be Baltimore, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. I am planning to make an appointment with Hanna/Demetrios Furriers but would like to get more than one appraisal. Thanks you for any help you can provide. Lala
Hi Lala
There are 2 different types of appraisals so be sure you are very clear what you ask for Insurance appraisal What would the garment cost if I had to replace it with a new one?
Estate appraisal If I were to sell this garment what would I expect you to pay for it? Estate appraisal are also used for charitable contributions and estate taxes.

In Baltimore: Fisher Furs 410-828-4141
Seleh’s Furs 410-547-6733
Tarliow Furs 410-539-1931


Andriana Furs 202-381-2500

Nieman Marcus also has a fur Department

I spoke to Fisher Furs to be sure at least 1 of the people I am giving you are still in business- I pulled them out of 2007 fur trade directory.

Susie Duboe Bryant
Hinsdale Furriers

Thanks for all the information. The coat is mine free and clear so am only looking for an appraisal with the possibility of selling it. I can’t imagine ever wearing it as it would make me nervous the entire evening wondering whether someone was going to throw paint on it or steal it. It is such a lovely coat but I was wrong when I said it was full length. Only 3/4’s length. Again, thank you, Lala Lala- You shouldn’t worry about wearing a beautiful fur coat. People do not have the right to damage your property and I truthfully have not heard of that happening in many years and then only near the television cameras. Coats do get stolen, that is the reason they should be listed on your homeowners policy.

If you decide you are definitely going to sell your coat. Consider putting it on consignment. We begin taking furs on consignment in September and stop at the end of December. We pay the consignor 50% of the selling price when the garment sells. The selling price is determined before the garment is accepted for consignment. All of our gently used furs are shown on our website. It is updated real time- if it is sold it disappears from the web site. You may look at the web site to find a similar coat to get ideas of our pricing. We have been taking consignment for about 9 years. I am happy to say we have a great success and both the customers and consignors seem delighted. Our business is by the most part referral friends telling friends.
Lala – if you have any further questions , do not hesitate to call or email

Have a wonderful New Year


A conversation on the web……it just amazes me! To all who read this blog. I am sending my best wishes for a wonderful 2011!



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2 Responses to “Fur Appraisals – What type do I need?”

  1. Wendy Citron Says:

    We are in possession of some furs belonging to my mother-in-law. We have no idea as to the value of these pieces, and have no idea whether they are REAL fur pieces. If they are deemed to be real, we would like to sell them.

    We leave in Gaithersburg, Maryland and would like to find out what our next steps are regarding these furs.

    Thank you.

    • furs4u2 Says:

      Wendy- I am sorry for the delay in answering. I am currently on a personal leave my husband has been ill. You probably noticed I haven’t been blogging for a few months. Now that I have made my excuses, I will answer your questions.

      To tell if the fur is real: best way is to open the lining of the garment and if the back side of the fur is leather it is normally real fur. If it feels like the back of carpet or looks like cloth it is not real.

      You could start out by taking some pictures and emailing them to us at furs4u2@aol.com. We can sometimes give you feedback from photos. Saying that, we can not be sure until we actually touch the garment. We need to feel the leather side. This lets us know the age and condition of the garment. We also check the fur side for any wear and tear. If the photos look like something we would acce3pt the next step is to ship them to us. If we take the garments for consignment we would send a consignment agreement for you to sign. When they sell you are paid 50% of the agreed upon selling price. If for any reason we can not take the garments, you would have 2 choices. 1. we can return them at your expense 2. we can donate them to charity and send you the tax receipt. If you have any further questions do not hesitate to email furs4u2@aol.com or call 630-323-1840. Melissa will be happy to help you!! This is a great time to put items on consignment. We began taking items the end of August. You can get an idea of our pricing by checking our website.

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