I am seeing vests in every fashion magazine this fall. They are long, short, fitted, straight, and full. They are made from wool, vinyl, silk, fur, faux fur, and leather. Not only are they being shown in the magazines and on the runways but I see them on my customers too. I did a little research to learn about the beginning of the vest as a fahion item and this is what I learned…

Vests, or waistcoats, were orginally introduced in 1666 by England’s King Charles II primarily as a political movement to undermine the extravagant French fashion influence in England. The vest featured straight, simple lines…and, oddly enough, sleeves!

By the 18th century, the idea of simplicity was retired and vests became a brilliant display of luxury fabrics and buttons (so much for King Charles II’s political statement). This is also when the vest lost the sleeves.

Throughout the centuries, vests have gone through many transformations and as with many fashions, have gone through extremes in popularity. Today there seems to be a surgence of popularity in vests for men and women. From sweater vests to 3-piece suits to fashion pieces to fur vests for warmth, vests are in-style!


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