Is it Okay to Wear My Fur in the Snow?

The 1st snow fall of the season has hit the Chicago area and we have already received two calls asking if their coats will be okay in the snow. I always try to be nice as I remind the customer that the fur is from an animal and animals get wet. If you do get your coat wet in the snow. Shake it off, hang it in the open to dry. Do NOT put it near heat! If your coat is extremely long and drags in the snow, blot off the excess moisture. It is ok for the fur to get wet but not the leather side of the pelt. If the leather side is wet and blotting doesn’t do the trick get your garment to a reputable furrier while it is still damp. When soaked the leather will shrink as it dries to avoid this your furrier will stretch the garment and nail it to hold the proper shape.

I do not reccomend wearing shearling out in the rain or snow. Since the leather side is the side that is in the elements it could be come stained by the water.


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