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Fur Care Hint #5

November 19, 2010

Thank you Mother Nature for bringing us the cold weather. The store is so busy with customers picking up their fur coats from storage and looking to purchase both new and used fur coats that I haven’t had any time to sit down. Not a complaint, just a happy fact. Here is a quick fur care tip- unhook your coat when sitting. We spread out when we sit and the coat doesn’t. Enjoy the cold weather and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Fur Care Tip #4 Worn Linings

November 8, 2010

If your fur coat is very long and you find yourself wearing out the bottom of the lining this tip is for you. Rather than having the entire lining replaced at the cost of $350 to $500 just have your furrier run a piece of matching grosgrain ribbon along the bottom of the lining (cost of about $150) this should give your lining many more years of wear. The grosgrain ribbon actually wears better than the lining.

Sample of grosgrain repair