Oprah Please Add Additional No Phone Zones

Oprah is pushing her No Phone Zone and I strongly agree dialing or texting while driving is a big no no. I would like to suggest (due to personal experience) one other no phone zone. I pride myself on great customer service – today I had a customer come in while chatting on her phone. I quietly took her coats, hung them up, checked the pockets and patiently waited for her to end the call so I could get the information to enter her fur storage information. After about 5 minutes another customer came into the store with their arms full of furs. I hung up the coats, checked the pockets and began to get the new customers information. As soon as I asked customer #2’s name, customer #1 loudly said “Hold on” and turned to me saying “I was here 1st”. I bit my tongue until I could taste the blood and then I politely asked customer #2 if she would mind waiting for me to finish up with #1. Please customers if you would like assistance end your phone calls before you get in line! Thank you


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