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Oprah Please Add Additional No Phone Zones

April 30, 2010

Oprah is pushing her No Phone Zone and I strongly agree dialing or texting while driving is a big no no. I would like to suggest (due to personal experience) one other no phone zone. I pride myself on great customer service – today I had a customer come in while chatting on her phone. I quietly took her coats, hung them up, checked the pockets and patiently waited for her to end the call so I could get the information to enter her fur storage information. After about 5 minutes another customer came into the store with their arms full of furs. I hung up the coats, checked the pockets and began to get the new customers information. As soon as I asked customer #2’s name, customer #1 loudly said “Hold on” and turned to me saying “I was here 1st”. I bit my tongue until I could taste the blood and then I politely asked customer #2 if she would mind waiting for me to finish up with #1. Please customers if you would like assistance end your phone calls before you get in line! Thank you


Check Your Pockets Before Storing Your Fur

April 16, 2010

In my life, Spring means fur storage time and the beginning of my favorite game. Some people think Spring is Baseball season in my life the best game of Spring is What is the most interesting thing we will find in a pocket today? We take in about 50 coats a day for storage and cleaning and the 1st thing we do is hang them up and check the pockets.

There are 3 categories of things we find in pockets. The usual , the unusual and the embarrassing.

The usual consists of dirty Kleenex, small amounts of money, candy, empty plastic bags and rosary beads.

The unusual diamond earings, $700 dollars, a very old apple, a pacifier.

Then there is the embarrassing this year so far I have reached my hand in to find a plastic bag that was full of what the customer cleaned up after her dog, the little blue pill that is guaranteed to improve your sex life and the funniest was when a new husband brought in his brides coat and I reached in the pocket not knowing what I was pulling out. I just pulled out very skimpy red panties and handed them to him. I think his face was redder than the panties!

I write this suggesting you check your pockets carefully before taking your furs in for storage and cleaning.

New Beginnings

April 6, 2010

Spring is in the air and it is time for new beginnings! My garden is starting to bud and the daffodils are blooming. I haven’t had much time to write lately because of another new beginning….my husband and I decided to get a new puppy. She is a cute Bichon Frise – 11 weeks old – we named her Scallywag but we are calling her Scally. Our 10-year-old Bichon, Charley, is happy to have her after a little adjustment time. Spring is a good time to think about a new beginning for you furs. It is time to clean and store the coats and get any repairs done so they are ready for next fall. If you are tired of the current style it is the time to give your fur a new beginning. Turn your coat in to a nifty bomber jacket or your older jacket in to a stylish vest. There we have it- a quick bit on new beginnings so I could post a picture of Scally for all to see.