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If Consignment Shops Could Speak

January 22, 2010

Consignment Bridal Gown with SleevesI love the stories I hear while working at our new resale shop. It is almost as if the wedding dresses, evening gowns and even the evening bags and shoes have a life of their own. When the consignees bring in the items I hear where they wore the items. We have a dress that went to Obama’s Inaugural Ball and a wedding dress that was never worn because she found out in the nick of time “what the groom was really like”.
I also get to hear the plans for the items being purchased. Since our store specializes in evening and formal wear most of the purchases are made with an event in mind. Today alone, I sold St. John suit off-white with rhinestones that is going to a Bar Mitzvah in New York City, a pair of Ferragamo pumps that are going on a Cruise and Bridal Gown. My favorite was the  birdal gown to a bride who was on a budget – she shared with me that by only spending $300 on her dress she could include a few more friends on her invite list.

This is definitely a rewarding business. I will from time to time share other stories about the adventures of our formal wear!


Celebrities Lovin Furs

January 18, 2010

I noticed that a lot of  readers had been linking to my blog through Facebook and not from the Hinsdale Furriers Fan Page. I am not the most computer savvy person but with a few clicks of a few buttons I came upon a great page     “Celebrities Lovin Fur Winter 09-10”. I am so tired of hearing from PETA about all the people who don’t wear fur so this just made my day! I wear fur because I love it, it’s warm, durable, and can easily be recycled. So I say “hats on” to those smart celebrities that not only look good but are warm this winter .  I hope you check it out and enjoy the photos as much as I did!

Fur Coat Care Tip for Sloppy Weather

January 15, 2010

The snow and ice are beginning to melt in the Chicago area leaving puddles and slush on the sidewalks and roadways.  If your fur drags through this mess, which seems impossible to avoid especially for those of us that take the train (the steps are like a swamp), be sure to blot off the fur removing as much of the moisture as possible.  Do NOT put your fur near heat– let it dry naturally.  If the back side (leather) is wet take it to your furrier before it dries. This is very important so that the leather doesn’t shrink.

If you notice any salt on the coat, brush it off.  Salt can damage the coat- it burns the leather side. To keep your fur in the best condition, it is extremely important to have your furs cleaned after a true Chicago winter.

I Am Glad to Have My Fur as the Temperature Drops in January in Chicago

January 6, 2010

Ice Storm Chicago StyleIt is a fact that as the temperature drops so does the opposition to the wearing of fur. This weekend the frigid north wind was blowing.  It was exciting to see fur everywhere I looked.  Along with the usual fur coats and jackets,  I saw mink ear muffs, fox collars, fur scarves, hats and even a few pair of rabbit leg warmers. The furs were on women, men and even a dog in a rabbit coat.

I confess, I love working with fur, wearing fur and I am proud to say as a furrier – fur is green – a renewable  natural resource! I am also happy to report that I was warm when I  walked from the parking lot to my store yesterday morning!

Spring 2010 Fur Trend: Fashion and Design News and Trends from WWDFashion

January 5, 2010

Fun FursI came across this article by Bobbi Queen last week. It is on the Women Wear Daily site – and thought I would share some of the fun ideas (the pictures are great)  for those cool Spring evenings.  Spring will be here soon even though it doesn’t feel like it. Spring 2010 Fur Trend: Night Lights – Fashion and Design News and Trends – Watch the slide show…the pictures are much bigger!