Recycle Your Old Fur Coat Into a New Fur Throw

Someone in Napa California is my new best friend and doesn’t even know it. I had three different people from that area call me about our used furs and making them into throws or pillows. They said there was something on the news about recycling old furs. First we sold a lynx jacket that we turned into five beautiful throw pillows. The next day I spoke to a few people who wanted throws made from older coats.

A mink throw made from a used mink coat

I sold one a lunaraine mink coat $650 and made it into the pictured throw for an additional $600. Just this morning, I sold a beautiful ranch mink coat which we are making into a throw. It is costing the customer a total of $1600.00. This is the cost for the coat and the labor to remake it into a gorgeous full pelt throw. If he were to buy a new full pelt mink throw it would cost about $6500.00.

There are so many things that can be done to refurbish used furs that you already own or you can find gently used furs for sale!

Some words of caution are in order. When buying a used fur be sure that the pelts are soft and subtle. It is important that the leather side is in good condition. If at all possible buy it from a furrier and ask if it is in good enough condition to be remodeled.

If you are buying the garment from a private party or a consignment shop make sure it can be returned after you have it checked out by your local furrier. I have had many people come in with a coat they bought on E-bay that began ripping as soon as they wore it. I hate having to tell them it isn’t repairable. I hate to sound like my father – but his old saying “a penny saved a pound foolish” can happen if you are not careful when buying used furs.


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19 Responses to “Recycle Your Old Fur Coat Into a New Fur Throw”

  1. Wendy Cunningham Says:

    My mother recently passed away and owned several fur coats/jackets/wraps and collars. Most of the pieces were from a native Alaskan something that my father had made for her back in 1950. They are all belly pelts. Anyway, there are 4 of us girls and I had heard about this refurbishing fur coats into throws. We all live in the south and these coats have not been worn in years. What would I need to do to have all these furs collectively make 4 nice throws?

    • furs4u2 Says:

      We would need to see the furs in question to be sure that they are strong enough to be remade into throws. The cost would depend on how you want them made. We just did one for a customer where we used 4 different garments and put them together into a patchwork quilt. We could do something like this x4. Please feel free to email me directly at

      Thank you

    • furs4u2 Says:

      Wendy- just ship them to us and include all your contact information. Once I see the items I will figure out how to best make the throws. Without seeing these my ideas are 1 out of each item or making a 4 squares from each item and attach 4 squares for each quilt and use the extra fur from each item to trim around the edge of the throws. We then back them with velvet. If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to phone (630-323-1840) or email

      Thank you

  2. Susan Says:

    I have a raccoon coat that ha not been worn in years. I would like to make pillows with the fur. Can you recommend how to proceed. You can reach me at 917-405-6938.

    Susan Kaufman

    • furs4u2 Says:

      If you would like us to make the pillows ship the garment to us at 33 E 1st street Hinsdale, IL 60521. If you would like to try to make the pillows yourself let me know and I will try to give you some ideas of how to do it

  3. Priscilla Colan Says:

    I have my mother’s mink jacket. How much would it cost to make it into a vest?

  4. steve Says:

    Hi, i collect vintage furs and minks. Please, if you wish, send me an email if youd like to sell or give away your vintage furs. ill buy them.

    • furs4u2 Says:

      Hi Steve- you are always welcome to check our website to see what we have available in used furs. Our website is . However, most of our used furs are not what I would call vintage. We occasionally take a stole or scarve that is older. Best of luck with your vintage fur collection.

  5. Jon Howell Says:

    My mother-in-law gave us her fox coat and we were thinking of turning it into pilows/a blanket. Do you think there would be enough material for two bolsters and a throw? and how much does the process cost?

    • furs4u2 Says:

      HI Jon- thank you so much for your email. In order to tell you the size pillows and thow I can make out of your fox coat. I would need to know how much fur I am working with. We usually can get the bolsters out of the sleeves. The bolster pillows usually cost between $50. and $80. Throws run between $600 and $900. It is rare that it has cost the $900. The only instance, I can think of, is when a customer combined 3 coats together and she had us make a checkered pattern and had a cashmere back. We usually use Velvet for the backing.

      Please feel free to call us @630-323-1840 or email @

      Thank you,


  6. Heather Wilson Says:

    I have a friend who asked me to make her old fur coat into a throw; however, I do not know that I want the responsiblity of reworking someone else’s coat.
    Is this information that you are willing to share or is it trade secret.

    Sound like it can be a very lucrative process if you can locate the right clientele.

    • furs4u2 Says:

      I would be happy to let you know how we make throws from coats. We basically cut from the armholes down and then use the fur from the rest of the coat to make a perfect rectangle. We then back the throw with velvet. This process would require a fur machine which is much different than a sewing machine. Please feel free to contact me at 630-323-1840 with more questions. Thank you!

  7. Amy Hoyt Says:

    Can I
    Send you a
    Of my great grandmothers fur coat to see what it is and worth it’s from ludlow furs made in Dayton. It’s
    In excellent shape.

    • furs4u2 Says:

      Unfortunately we cannot determine value by viewing a photograph. We must check the condition of the pelts to determine today’s value of the coat. You are welcome to send a picture to and I can probably give you some info about the coat. Thank you.

  8. Says:

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  10. Ruth Says:

    I have an old china mink fur coat with red fox collar. My coat is approx. 30 years old. I have not had it in storage, nor looked after it in any special way. Should I consider it worthless? I would like to have a throw made out of it, if possible. Could I send you some pictures? If so, what would you like pictures of?

    • furs4u2 Says:

      I cannot tell you for sure if your coat is in good enough condition to restyle into a throw until I actually feel the coat. I cannot tell you about the condition of the pelts by viewing pictures. If you would like to ship your coat to Hinsdale Furriers, I can tell you for sure what can or cannot be done with your coat. Please let me know if you have any questions or intend to ship it to us.
      Thank you.

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