Fur Coats, Leather Coats, Shoes, Belts, Hamburgers and Hypocrites

One of my friends sent me an article that ran in the Meat Trade News Daily on November 14th, 2009. It was titled “USA – The things that PETA don’t know”.

My friend wondered if I wrote it since the author complains about people who bad mouth people who wear fur and leather coats. Those same people eat hamburgers or wear leather shoes or a leather belt! This is one of my pet peeves. I can assure you I did not write the article, but I agree with the content.

Some of the issues the author raises are: “The biggest complaint about leather (and fur) is from animal rights groups like PETA..” They “chiefly complain about the mistreatment of animals, the consumption of meat and the wearing of animal skin…These people are frequently self-righteous hypocrites…They frequently forget about the shoes, boots or jacket they are wearing. (Oh look, they’re made from leather!)”

I respect people’s beliefs when they take it to the full extent like Mary Tyler Moore does. I respect her for not wearing or eating anything from the use of animals. She also does not advocate the violent acts of many of the animal rights organizations.

Use this link to read the rest of the article.


One Response to “Fur Coats, Leather Coats, Shoes, Belts, Hamburgers and Hypocrites”

  1. RonGav Says:

    I am so sick and tired of pseudo animal lovers complaining about wearing a fur coat “it’s so cruel!!” Today’s fur farming techniques are the most humane ever and far surpass nature in terms of a safe environment. Sure, everyone has a right to choose, but violence is a cowardly, ignorant method to promote one’s agenda.

    This whole anti-fur thing is magnified totally out of proportion by the media. In their attempt to be fair, they validate groups such as PETA and ignore the business owner’s rights to be heard.

    Furs are a natural resource, whose industry consumes tons of waste and produces useful organic material — in addition to some pretty nice coats.

    The argument is so lame that I sicken each time I read another ignorant diatribe opposing the use of fur.. Please keep up the fight. From what I read, the tide is turning big time!

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