Great Customer Service Should Be Part of Any Good Business

I pride myself at providing great customer service. And, I get so aggravated when I don’t receive good service. Today was an example of one of the frequent acts of poor service that can easily be avoided.

I was in line at a local bakery behind two other people. The phone rang about four times. Each time the clerk answered the phone and helped the on-line customer while leaving the customer she was waiting on. I walked out at the fourth interruption as the first person in line had still not been helped.

At our store, Hinsdale Furriers, the policy is clear. Try not to answer the phone while helping someone else. If you do, tell the caller there are people ahead of them and ask if they can hold. Or take their phone number and ask to call them back. We also have voice mail saying we are busy with a customer and will phone you back as soon as possible.

The bakery lost a sure sale, while the fruit store down the street gained a sale. I suppose we all enjoyed healthier treats at our staff meeting.


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2 Responses to “Great Customer Service Should Be Part of Any Good Business”

  1. Eileen Bailey Says:

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    Eileen Bailey

    • furs4u2 Says:

      Eileen- We are at the end of our selling season for the gently used coats. We would be happy to look at it and put in on consignment for next season. We begin taking consignment again the end of August. If you live in the area and would like us to look at the coat and give you an estimated selling price just stop by. If you do not live in the area you can look for similar garments on our website. If you have any further questions do not hesitate to ask.

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