Monogramming Your Fur Coat – Tips and Hints

I started thinking about monograms on fur coats after I sold a mink coat today and the happy customer asked, “will you put my whole name in the lining instead of a monogram so it will be harder for someone to steal?” I told her that we can put anything she wants as the monogram but I suggested that she signs her name in permanent marker on the pelt side of her coat because if someone stole her coat, they would probably just remove the entire lining.

Now you are probably wondering what is the purpose of a monogram? Monograms are used as identification when you check your coat. Even though you might think you would be able to identify your coat among all the others, it is not as easy as you might think. I see a lot of ranch mink coats and even with my trained eye they all begin to look alike, especially in the dim lighting of a fancy restaurant. When I monogram my coats, I always choose a color thread that is contrasting to the color of my lining (I usually use red because it’s my favorite color). That way it is easy for me to identify at a glance. Some customers prefer blending the thread color with the lining (these are usually the people who are shy). It is ultimately up to you.

A few tips and rules for monogramming: When the middle letter of a monogram is larger, that is the last name intial. When all the letters are the same size, the letters go in order (1st name, middle name, last name). When deciding which monogram to use, check and be sure that the letters of your initials don’t spell something strange. I had a customer named Paula G. who had her coat monogrammed PIG. When ever her husband would get the coat from a check room he would ask for the pig – Paula did not find that funny. Before I was married, I always put just my 1st name in the coat, in hopes that my last name would some day change. Some of our customers have messages put in their lining. Sweet sentiments like, “Happy 10th Anniversary”, or “in honor of baby James” are a nice personal touch. Of course there are some people who are not so sentimental but do have a sense of humor. One customer had his ex-wife’s coat monogrammed with, “1st wife’s coat 2nd wife wearing it” and then gave the coat to his new wife…YIKES…good thing she had a sense of humor too! You can sure learn a lot from the monogram a customer chooses, but when all is said and done, it is a matter a personal preference.


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4 Responses to “Monogramming Your Fur Coat – Tips and Hints”

  1. Barbara Cady Says:

    can a name be removed from the lining without replacing the whole lining. How? I want to sell my mink coat. Will someone buy it with my name in it?

  2. cathy Raphael Says:

    SOmeone suggested to me to have a pocket made to cover the old monogram and have my new monogram put on it. I think that is a fabulous idea.

  3. Donna Lessard Says:

    Where do you go to change a name in a fur coat? I don’t live in the same state anymore where the coat was purchased.

    • furs4u2 Says:

      You cannot remove a monogram from a coat lining without ruining the lining. The fabric is typically too delicate. The best thing is to cover the old monogram with a label or “pocket” with a new monogram embroidered on it. I am not sure where you live, but any furrier should be able to do that for you. If you live in the Chicagoland area, you can bring it to Hinsdale Furriers. Otherwise, you can check online for furriers in your area. If you cannot find any, a shop that does monogramming may be able to help you. Thank you.

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