A Customer Writes About The Gently Used Fur Coat He Purchased Over The Web

What a way to start the day! The 1st email I opened this morning follows:


I just received the jacket. It is beyond my highest expectations! It is absolutely gorgeous, and my friends will be so thrilled.

I would never have believed to receive such a high quality fur at such at great Price. Now that I know the kind of service and quality you provide, I will be ordering much more from you.

Global warming be damned! ALL my friends will be receiving furs this year!

Thank you, again, so very much.

To think I joined the web generation kicking and fighting my daughter, who is a web designer. I only agreed thinking it would be used like a newspaper ad to bring customers to our brick and mortar store front. Over the past 10 years our sales on the web have continued to grow, especially those in the This Old Fur section. We update the used furs in real time.

As soon as something is available for sale a written description goes up (photos take longer).  As soon as something sells it is taken off the web. The real time aspect was only added this month, before that we had many disappointed people when items were sold but still showing on the web. I am sorry that the real time aspect only applies to the gently used furs on our site. The best thing about our web site is it is even open while I sleep.


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