Your Fur Coat Must Compliment Your Hair, Not Match It, So You Look Great!

If I hear one more time , “I want the fur coat to match my hair”.  I may scream! You want your fur to compliment yes, match no!!!

When you are wearing your fur garment the compliment you want is “You look great!” not “Nice fur coat!”

Picture this — a dark mink fur coat and dark black hair all blending together and this pale white face sticking out. When this happens you see every bit of bag and circle under the eyes.

Here is a little trick to see which color is better for you. Put half of each of two coats on and then look at your face. Which side of your face looks younger and healthier? That side is the garment that has the better coloring for you. This trick also works with clothing.

So go out and make yourself look great!


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2 Responses to “Your Fur Coat Must Compliment Your Hair, Not Match It, So You Look Great!”

  1. Lori Garkovich Says:

    I am helping a friend of mine who does not have Internet access. She has a tan fur shawl (with arm slits) which we believe to be mink or sable that has a Selman’s of Louisville label in it. It was given to her by a dear friend who died in 1965. The shawl was cleaned and then sealed into a bag and is in mint condition.

    Do you know of anyone who might take it on consignment? My friend, Marilyn, has kept this safe and secure for decades, but now would like to see if anyone would be interested in acquiring it. But none of us have even a clue of what its value (if any) might be.

    Thank you for even considering providing some information.


    Versailles KY

    • furs4u2 Says:

      Good News! We do take furs on consignment you may visit our website to see what we currently have available on consignment. You may also get an idea of how a stole would be priced. Bad News! Keeping a fur sealed in plastic is probably the worst thing for it. A fur needs to breath. I would be happy to look at it for her. If she is sentimental about the stole perhaps we could make it into a fur bear for her. Just give us a call if you would like more information our number is 630-323-1840.

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