Fur Coat ‘Throwaways’ Attract New Customers

Cara S. Trager wrote an interesting article for the New York Times, I came across it yesterday, though it was published in March of  “88” it is still relevant today. In it she discusses people buying used furs coats.

She says in the article: “..the used-fur industry has been a steady if small enterprise for a handful of businessmen in the New York area. Many say the 508-point, 22.6 percent crash on Wall Street has been a boon to sales this winter season, bringing new customers who never thought of buying second-hand before.”

She later added a comment: ”The public is inundated with so many fur ads that they are not buying used, they are buying cheap imports,” said Barry Shevit, president of the Shevit Brothers Fur Company, who has been selling second-hand coats to thrift shops and boutiques for 10 years. He thinks those customers have made the wrong choice: ”They are better off paying a low price for a used fur of better quality then the same price for what’s being advertised.”

Read the entire article.


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2 Responses to “Fur Coat ‘Throwaways’ Attract New Customers”

  1. Sharon Thompson Says:

    To whom it may concern,
    I am interested in purchasing a sable fur coat.. Can you pease help me?? I would appreciate it so.. Woud also love to attend any fur shows, ( used 🙂 but new to me… Thankyou so much..
    In hopes to hear from you…. Sincerely, sharon.

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