Fur Shopping Time, Part II

I have a few questions I always ask a customer when she is looking for a new (or gently used) fur before she starts trying on the furs.

Do you own any other furs or will this be your first?

What do you want to use this garment for—Dress or every day wear? What is your budget?

Keep these things in mind as you try on the garments. At first glance you should just look at yourself, not the coat. This little trick will help you decide if the color is flattering for you. Next time I will write more about choosing the correct color.

I strongly suggest if buying a used fur from a private party have a reputable furrier check it over for you before making the purchase. Furs can look good on the outside and the inside of the pelt could be dry and begin ripping when worn. I also suggest that the fit be checked …………. I will go into the whys next time.

In the mean time don’t forget that the 18th of October is Super Sunday Sale at This Old Fur!


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