Fur shopping time

I know that winter is coming by the weather and by the increase of people coming to look at our furs. I am currently preparing for our 2nd Annual Super Sunday Sale on Sunday, October 18th. For this 1 day only we offer 10% off all the furs in the This Old Fur section of our showroom. If this year is anything like last year I am sure we will be very busy on the sales floor. So if you are joining us or looking elsewhere for a fur, I have a few suggestions:

1) Wear a sweater or blazer to try on the garments. It is always better a little loose than a little tight.

2) If you will be wearing the item over a skirt or dress, wear your longest one.

3) Wear a shoe with the normal heel height and bring along the highest heel you would use.

4) Let the furrier know what you like or dislike about each item you try on.

5) Ask about quality and durability of the different furs


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One Response to “Fur shopping time”

  1. Sharon Thompson Says:

    Woud love to purchase a sable coat..

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