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New Hinsdale IL Resale Shop to Open for Formal Wear, Wedding Attire, Accessories, Shoes, etc.

October 31, 2009

We are getting ready to open Formally Hers on Saturday, November 14th.   There is a planned preview party (if you’d like an invite to the preview party send me an email) scheduled for November 12th. It is tricky running a business and trying to get another opened at the same time. Thank goodness I have wonderful staff at Hinsdale Furriers and a carpenter husband. This weekend we paint and next week the fixtures start getting put together. It is exciting to be starting something new.

Wedding and Fashion Attire on Consignment at Reduced Prices

It is so unbelievable the amount of worn lovingly once evening wear that has come into the store. We already have over 300 garments just from one advertisement and a letter in our Hinsdale Furriers newsletter. It is fun to hear the stories of the outfits: where they were worn, what the occasion was or why they were not worn. It is also fun to see my employees drool over some of the items. The most fun was the day some one brought in Jimmy Choo Shoes and my employees played Cinderella. To their dismay not one of them was Cinderella.


A Customer Writes About The Gently Used Fur Coat He Purchased Over The Web

October 27, 2009

What a way to start the day! The 1st email I opened this morning follows:


I just received the jacket. It is beyond my highest expectations! It is absolutely gorgeous, and my friends will be so thrilled.

I would never have believed to receive such a high quality fur at such at great Price. Now that I know the kind of service and quality you provide, I will be ordering much more from you.

Global warming be damned! ALL my friends will be receiving furs this year!

Thank you, again, so very much.

To think I joined the web generation kicking and fighting my daughter, who is a web designer. I only agreed thinking it would be used like a newspaper ad to bring customers to our brick and mortar store front. Over the past 10 years our sales on the web have continued to grow, especially those in the This Old Fur section. We update the used furs in real time.

As soon as something is available for sale a written description goes up (photos take longer).  As soon as something sells it is taken off the web. The real time aspect was only added this month, before that we had many disappointed people when items were sold but still showing on the web. I am sorry that the real time aspect only applies to the gently used furs on our site. The best thing about our web site is it is even open while I sleep.

Your Fur Coat Must Compliment Your Hair, Not Match It, So You Look Great!

October 24, 2009

If I hear one more time , “I want the fur coat to match my hair”.  I may scream! You want your fur to compliment yes, match no!!!

When you are wearing your fur garment the compliment you want is “You look great!” not “Nice fur coat!”

Picture this — a dark mink fur coat and dark black hair all blending together and this pale white face sticking out. When this happens you see every bit of bag and circle under the eyes.

Here is a little trick to see which color is better for you. Put half of each of two coats on and then look at your face. Which side of your face looks younger and healthier? That side is the garment that has the better coloring for you. This trick also works with clothing.

So go out and make yourself look great!

Inventor of Fun Fur, Karl Lagerfeld Fashion Leader

October 17, 2009

Julia Robson wrote this article about Karl Lagerfeld in TheNational this morning. It was titled “Sticking his neck out for fashion”.

Karl Lagerfeld 10-16-09

In it she writes: ‘He was first called “mad” when he was handed the reins at the Italian luxury fur brand, Fendi, and came up with “fun fur”. Taking the skins of squirrels, moles and rabbits, creatures previously considered unfashionable or unsuitable, he dyed them in Day-Glo colours and created a fashion sensation overnight. This was later to spread to mass-market fake fur.’

Read the rest of the article at:

Fur Coat ‘Throwaways’ Attract New Customers

October 12, 2009

Cara S. Trager wrote an interesting article for the New York Times, I came across it yesterday, though it was published in March of  “88” it is still relevant today. In it she discusses people buying used furs coats.

She says in the article: “..the used-fur industry has been a steady if small enterprise for a handful of businessmen in the New York area. Many say the 508-point, 22.6 percent crash on Wall Street has been a boon to sales this winter season, bringing new customers who never thought of buying second-hand before.”

She later added a comment: ”The public is inundated with so many fur ads that they are not buying used, they are buying cheap imports,” said Barry Shevit, president of the Shevit Brothers Fur Company, who has been selling second-hand coats to thrift shops and boutiques for 10 years. He thinks those customers have made the wrong choice: ”They are better off paying a low price for a used fur of better quality then the same price for what’s being advertised.”

Read the entire article.

Fur Shopping Time, Part II

October 10, 2009

I have a few questions I always ask a customer when she is looking for a new (or gently used) fur before she starts trying on the furs.

Do you own any other furs or will this be your first?

What do you want to use this garment for—Dress or every day wear? What is your budget?

Keep these things in mind as you try on the garments. At first glance you should just look at yourself, not the coat. This little trick will help you decide if the color is flattering for you. Next time I will write more about choosing the correct color.

I strongly suggest if buying a used fur from a private party have a reputable furrier check it over for you before making the purchase. Furs can look good on the outside and the inside of the pelt could be dry and begin ripping when worn. I also suggest that the fit be checked …………. I will go into the whys next time.

In the mean time don’t forget that the 18th of October is Super Sunday Sale at This Old Fur!

Fur shopping time

October 10, 2009

I know that winter is coming by the weather and by the increase of people coming to look at our furs. I am currently preparing for our 2nd Annual Super Sunday Sale on Sunday, October 18th. For this 1 day only we offer 10% off all the furs in the This Old Fur section of our showroom. If this year is anything like last year I am sure we will be very busy on the sales floor. So if you are joining us or looking elsewhere for a fur, I have a few suggestions:

1) Wear a sweater or blazer to try on the garments. It is always better a little loose than a little tight.

2) If you will be wearing the item over a skirt or dress, wear your longest one.

3) Wear a shoe with the normal heel height and bring along the highest heel you would use.

4) Let the furrier know what you like or dislike about each item you try on.

5) Ask about quality and durability of the different furs